The magnificent City of Atlantis was located on the northern shore of a great sea. The mountains along the southern shoreline rose precipitously from the sea. Atlantis City was built in a perfect circle, which was over 14 miles wide. It was protected by an outer-wall that was 46 miles long. An extensive canal system brought fresh water into the city, and the water-ways served as an elaborate transportation system.

The city of Atlantis was surrounded by sixty thousand small islands which were the farming lots, created by the canal system. Large quantities of produce, animals, forest products, minerals and metals were brought by boat, into the city from the farming lots and the surrounding mountains.

In the center of the city there were three perfectly circular islands. These were the original zones of land and sea, which had been created by the first Atlantians. The central island contained the Citadel. The first temples, gardens and fountains of Atlantis had been built on a hill on the center island of the ancient metropolis.

A channel, about six miles long, extended from the central islands to the sea. The major canals of the "incredible ditch" which surrounded the entire fertile farmlands of Atlantis, met at the end of the channel from the city. They all came together where the outer walls met at the sea. This was the outer harbor where ships waited to gain entrance into the inner harbors, located within the heavily fortified city of Atlantis.


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