ATLANTIS and the Egyptian Priest

The Atlantis Motherland book reveals that the history of Atlantis actually came from Egypt. In 590 BC, "a very old Egyptian Priest," named Sonchis, revealed the exact location, history, physical description and final destruction of Atlantis, to Solon who was the wisest of the seven Greek Sages. Sonchis gave a transcript of these historical records to Solon. One hundred and eighty years later the history of Atlantis was recorded in the Dialogues of Plato, titled Critias and Timaeus.

The Atlantis Motherland book takes you back to the sacred temples of Egypt to witness the historic meeting between the aged Egyptian priest and Solon, who translated the history of Atlantis into the Greek language. The great characters of Socrates, Plato, Sonchis and Critias speak from long ages past and weave the intricate history of Atlantis, explaining that the importance of understanding our past is to learn about ourselves now, and how to gain wisdom and harmony within ourselves, and to help bring peace to all of our precious, beautiful blue planet tribe.

The aged Egyptian priest took Solon back to the very beginning of the history of Atlantis. He told Solon about the first inhabitants of Atlantis, and presented a very detailed description of the geography of the land where Atlantis was founded. The Atlantis Motherland book matches every detail of the features of Atlantis, described in Egyptian records, with the location of Atlantis in southern Ukraine and Krasnodar Kray, in southern Russia.


This image of Sonchis, the aged priest of the temple of Seshat in Sais, Egypt was created by Ernist Nelson. He created the priest's enigmatic face by morphing together ancient Egyptian death masks. The final touches were drawn from Ernist's own psycho-genetic memory. Ernist Nelson created many of the orginal art images in the Atlantis Motherland book, which contains over 200 full color images.

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